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 Architecture - it is everything that surrounds us. That are houses, streets, elements in the nature. Architecture is a space - in an interior as well as in an exterior. Our mission is to design it and create and always remember the person in this process, remember the living nature.

The design studio in.Spira Group s.r.o. is a design studio which offers a huge range of service for its clients in this field. It belongs to a group in.Spira Group, that covers all the process from the preparation of a draft to a realization and putting into service which is ensured by the company AMA invest s.r.o. - a member of the in.Spira Group. Since the foundation of the company in 2007 it emphasizes quality of an urban and architectural creation as well as the consistent service for its clients.

The long series of projects including design tasks, architectural pieces to urban whole pervades a theme of a consistent architectural and technical conception ensuring an aesthetic persuasiveness, technical and disposition functionality and thoughtful approach to material and energy sources at the beginning but also during the life cycle of the building.

The design studio in.Spira Group deals beside a standart commissions also with atypic projects as unconventional residential groups with an alternative urban scheme, transformations of an industrial architecture etc. Moreover it also deals with reconstructions of historical buildings and their functional adaptation for new purpose.





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