The new multi-purpose building for a Elektroline company represents an effort to different view of utilitarian building within a large scale production scale. An idea that quality and in human scale and concept designed fasade and also a the whole concept of the building was accepted by the client and developed into a current form.  The building will provide except the storage function also an accommodation for students, administrative and gastro function. A part of the building is also a conference hall in the top floor. 

The realization was done in 2011 - 2012.

Place: Prague 8
Client: Elektroline a.s.
Author: Ing. arch. Iva Veselá
Chief engineer of the project: Ing. Karol Böhm
Processed within the group in.Spira Group /AMA invest, Ing. arch. Karel Veselý, Ing. arch. Magdaléna Bodláková/
Date: 2008 - 2012


video projektu

Video - a year of the construction in 5 minutes

In Kobylisy, Prague was completed after a year of construction a building Elektroline company. All the time the construction was captured on camera located on a roof of a neighboring building. Thanks to that we can see whole process of the construction. Soon it will be visible here!

act.: 6.9.2012

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