Renovation of existing building, central office NPÚ

 The adaptation of an existing building of central office NPÚ represents a link between a high-quality reconstruction of a building with a unique expression (influence of Victorian architecture with non-traditional elements - e.g. Maori arch at the entrance) and modern complementary expressive input of contemporary arrangements and equipment. The building offers archival capacity for historical archival materials - plans of whole range of leading czech architects who were working in our country in past centuries, space of interior reading room, study room for public and a flat of an administrator.

 A part of this project is also a root zone waste water treatment that ensures an ecological disposal of sewage and we are happy that it was possible to discuss it with the authorities because according to our findings it is a unique one in Prague in a public building. The water from toilets and all other sewage are drained into it, in a many rooms  root zone waste water treatment a clearing process run thanks to a specific plants and at the end a pure water goes to a local stream. The whole process is monitored and controlled. This system contributes to the environment because of its natural process and without electric energy or artificial chemical form. 


Place: Horoměřická, Praha - Dejvice
Client: Národní památkový ústav - ústřední pracoviště (National heritage institute - central office)
Author: Ing.arch. Karel Veselý
Chief engineer of the project: Ing. Miroslav Jírový
Cooperation: Ing. Kateřina Servítová, Ing. Renáta Slavětínská, Ing. Hana Zapletalová, Ing. Jaroslav Kršňák
Stage: STS, DUR, DSP, DPS, AD, engineering
Date: February 2009 - February 2011


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