Sports hall Mořina

 The municipality Mořina - the place of the realization of the hall and restaurant - is located in CHKO Český kras (protected scenic area) and therefore there are very strict claims on the architectural design and on the integration into the landscape. For this project there was designed in Czech Republic yet unconventional integration of trees into the fasade. It is a target plantation of deciduous trees in front of the fasade and their optical incorporation into the overall appearance of the building which ensures some advantages simultaneously, especially blanking of the acute diffuse light in summer months while the natural removal of this barrier in moths when the leaves fall off and the integration of exterior light is on the contrary desirable. The sports hall is designed in division between two masses - mass of the wing of gymnasium and mass of the wing of the refreshment. The structural system is chosen as large-span glued wooden beams - frames which will also indicate the appearance of the building in the interior and in a large extent also in the exterior.  The shell is composed of glass surfaces combined with full with use of accorded thermal insulation of extruded cereal fiber. The cover will be provided by transparent polycarbonate plates. The plinth will be constructed from gabion tiles. 

Action: Sports hall Mořina

Client: Municipality Mořina, represented by the mayor Vojtěch Štička
Author: Karel Veselý
Cooperation: Hana Zapletalová, Miroslav Jírový
Estimated costs (2010): 75.000.000 CZK

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